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Man on the Street: Key Wishlist

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  • | 5:00 a.m. December 8, 2010
Jean Hanna
Jean Hanna
  • Longboat Key
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The Whitney Beach Plaza is being sold. What would you like to see developed there?

Jean Hanna
“I would very much like to see a drugstore there. I believe it would give residents an alternative. I miss the Chinese restaurant that was at the Avenue of the Flowers. I’d like another.”

Jeremy Whatmough
“A renaissance of the plaza with a rebuilding of the entire area would be great. I’d like to see it become a happy gathering place and a post office would handy. Whatever happens, I hope residents will support it.”

Ingrid Wisniewski
“I’d like to see shops that we don’t already have on the Key. I would enjoy and support a bookstore/coffee shop. Some boutique shops would be nice.”

Rick Williams
“I know we have good restaurants on the Key, but I would like to see another one. I’d enjoy an inexpensive, casual one serving sandwiches. A bookstore would be good, too.”

Marie Hollingsworth
“I must admit, I almost never go that far north on the Key but a gas station would get me up there. I think a good, casual restaurant where the food is consistent would also get me there.”

Sue Borgelt
“I’d would like to see a restaurant, not Italian, though. My definite choice is Chinese. To far to go now for Chinese. I miss the gas station and would patronize one at that location.”

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