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Professional Golf Tips 101

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  • | 5:00 a.m. November 17, 2009
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Professional Golf Tip of the Week: Maintaining a proper grip

As an instructor, I often see good swing motions that deserve better direction than the final outcome of the players' shot.
The question is: Why?
The answer is: They have a poor right-hand grip.  We want our hands to work in unison to keep the clubface square at impact. The right hand (for right-handed golfers) is the one that gets us into trouble too often because it is not placed correctly on the club.
To ensure a proper right-hand grip simply grip the club as you normally would. Now take your right forefinger off and point it down the shaft.  If your right hand grip is correct, the finger will easily point straight down the right side of the grip. If the finger points anywhere else, adjust until it points down the grip.


Rosedale Director of Instruction and PGA Professional Steve Whidden will be offering a new professional golf tip each week. Be sure to check for next week's tip. 

For more information or for lessons contact Steve Whidden at 756-0004. 



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