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  • | 4:00 a.m. May 20, 2009
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+ Longboat Key men’s tennis team takes top title in Sarasota
The Cedars Red 60s team is on a roll. Last year, the team won the 60-5 division in the Sarasota County Senior Men’s Tennis League. This year, the team continued its winning streak by beating the Longboat Public Green team in the 60-4 division; the final score for the match was 2-1.
Cedars Red team co-captains are Jim Forst and Doug Bruce. To celebrate their victory, team members recently gathered for a party at Forst’s home.
Co-captains of the Longboat Public Green team are Marv Hart and Bob Schauer.

April 21
Longboat Key Club
Three Queens and a King

1st net (124): Nancy Burnside, Bill Flinter and Marlene Wilkening
2nd net (127): Betsey Gentile, Joe Gentile, Chris Hersberger and Joann Stein
3rd net (128): Sandy Finnegan, Arleen Klein, Bob Lachmann and Sheila Zinder

Longboat Key Club Women’s Golf Association 18 holes
3, 2, 1 on 5, 4, 3s

1st low gross (187): Nancy Burnside, Hwei Lin Sung, Linda Abrahamson and Joann Stein
1st low net (145): Frema Wolfson, Bette Hoffman, Mary Lynn Banning and Sheila Zinder
2nd low net (148): Jane Doty, Rochelle McKinney, Susanne Olin and Joyce Huber

April 27
Longboat Key Club Women’s Golf Association 18 holes
Team-2 Best ball, low gross, low net

1st low gross (166): Adriene Pileski, Pat Gondelman, Mary Ann Bozzi and Jackie Solmson
2nd low gross (181): Margaret Lachmann, Carol Westwod, Jan Van Iten and Barbara Kiefer
1st low net (132): Joyce Welch, Linda Weber, Hwei Lin Sung and Joyce Steele
2nd low net (134): Grace Goldberg, Maria Levine, Betty Levy and Eileen Bronstein

April 28
Longboat Key Duplicate Bridge Club
Bayfront Park Recreation Center

1. Claire Brinn and Mary Lou Thomas
2. Zeke Wohlman and Jordan Hecktman
3. Helen Schweyer and Jean Farnsworth
1. Cele Schwartz and Jayne Forstenzer
2. Kate Nothacker and Selma Medvin
3. Jackie Tucker and Ina Becker

April 30
Merrill Duplicate Bridge Club
Bayfront Park Recreation Center
Overall Winner

1. Charlotte and Hank Stein
2. Lee Lippe and Peter Tracy
3. Jackie Tucker and Lee Lippe
4. Helen Schweyer and Paul Massik
5. Marlene and Jordan Hecktman
6. Cele Schwartz and Dverka Winitsky

May 2
Overall Winner
1. Jack Wilber and Larry Auerbach
2. LaVerne Kuttner and Jean Farnsworth
3. Charlotte and Hank Stein
4. Helen Schweyer and Paul Massik




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