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Professional Golf Tips 101

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  • | 5:00 a.m. December 22, 2009
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Professional Golf Tip of the Week: Sharpening Ball Striking

Most amateurs improperly use their hands through impact with their irons, which leads to a lot of heavy and thin shots.

Try this drill to sharpen your ball striking:  Place a ball six to eight inches behind the ball you are attempting to hit on your target line.  As you swing forward, the goal is to miss the second ball.  This will teach your hands to stay slightly ahead of the club head through impact, ensuring a descending blow and more solid strikes.

Rosedale Director of Instruction and PGA Professional Steve Whidden will be offering a new professional golf tip each week. Be sure to check for next week's tip.

For more information or for lessons contact Steve Whidden at 756-0004. 



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