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Cops Corner

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  • | 4:00 a.m. August 13, 2009
  • Sarasota
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July 26
Too hot to handle
8 p.m. — 900 block of Boulevard of the Arts. Criminal Mischief. An apartment complex manager reported someone discharged a fire extinguisher near the pool area and that some of the contents got into the hot tub, which will need to be drained and cleaned. There were no witnesses.

Proof of purchase
8:30 p.m. — 1300 block of Tangier Way. Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card. A man told police he received an e-mail thanking him for his subscription to a porn Web site and confirming his credit card was billed $119.96. The man told police someone used his credit card information without his permission.

July 27
That’s my boy
Midnight — 2500 block of Teal Avenue. False Ownership of a Pawned Item. When a husband and wife noticed a wedding ring, other articles of jewelry and two of their guitars were missing, they confronted their son, who had been living with them. The 22-year-old son admitted to pawning the items at five different pawnshops. He was arrested.

Caller i.d.
9:43 a.m. — 3000 block of Viola Drive. Harassing Phone Calls. The complainant reported she had been receiving harassing phone calls from a person claiming to be from the Federal Claim Agency, in Washington, D.C. When a police officer called the toll-free number and identified himself, the woman on the other line began screaming profanities at him and hung up. The officer tried calling several more times but was disconnected. The complainant was told to report any further harassing calls.

July 29
Ever hear of Dentyne?
12:06 p.m. — 1400 block of 10th Street. Suspicious Person. A woman was seen intentionally ingesting Lysol. It wasn’t known if the woman was suffering from a severe case of garlic breath.

Aug. 2
Slap happy
11:14 p.m. — Clark Road and Beneva Road. Battery. A 17-year-old girl was sitting in the passenger seat of a car, which was stopped at a light. All of a sudden, a 21-year-old woman reached inside the open window and slapped the girl in the face several times. The driver had to back up his car to stop the slapper. The suspect then ran back to a car that was sitting behind the victim’s car. The slapper was located and arrested.

Aug. 3
Miss Manners
12:01 a.m. — 3200 block of Clark Road. Disorderly Conduct. A deputy saw a young woman outside a convenience store who appeared intoxicated and had difficulty standing. When the deputy approached her, he saw she had passed out. The deputy tried to wake her, and she began to curse at him. When the deputy tried to handcuff her, she began kicking, flailing her arms and screaming. She kicked the deputy’s cruiser and tried to run on top of it. She was eventually subdued and taken to jail.

Rude awakening
11:55 a.m. — 10 block of Bayview Drive. Suspicious Circumstance. The complainant was asleep when he heard a popping sound toward the front door of his apartment. He opened the door to see that someone had thrown a lit pack of firecrackers onto his upstairs balcony. The complainant suspected his downstairs neighbor. A deputy knocked on the neighbor’s door, but no one answered.



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