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Sarasota Tuesday, Jun. 26, 2018 2 years ago

What does it mean to be an American?

We asked third- and fourth-graders at Sarasota's Ashton Elementary School
by: Shane Donglasan Community Reporter

Students from Ashton Elementary School shared what it means to be an American. Here's what they had to say:

(Photos by Kayleigh Omang/Observer)

Juliana Thayer

Juliana Thayer, 4th grader

I get to go to good schools and good colleges. I get to be free and no one gets to make decisions for me. I am not ruled by anyone and I get to be my own person. I get clean water, good food and a great house to live in.


Vera Winship

Vera Winship, 4th grader

I can be who I want to be. I can be friends with all the people I want, no matter their race or religion. I can choose my job and place to live.

Landon Jarvis

Landon Jarvis, 4th grader

We have our own rights and we have freedom and liberty. I am thankful for a good education. We are free to be anyone we want to be.

Mirai Mehta

Mirai Mehta, 4th grader

I am very lucky to live in America. It has very great schools and it is a safe country. I can be what I want to be and no one will tell me what I have to be. I have food to eat and a nice home.


Madison Schmidt

Madison Schmidt, 3rd grader

Being an American means we can accept everyone for who they are. In America, we don’t need a king or queen. Another thing I love about America is we are made up of people who wanted a better life.

Summer Riley

Summer Riley, 3rd grader

It really means a lot to me that I am an American. There are many places in this country that I really love. Once, I went to the Smoky Mountains and really enjoyed it. If I lived in a different country, I might not have been able to go there.


Marley Delhomme

Marley Delhomme, 2nd grader

Being in a free country gives everyone rights, rights to bring people together, like the right to fight for freedom, like making sure everyone has food to eat and a safe home to live in.


Ava Valabek

Ava Valabek, 2nd grader

In America, you have the right to freedom of speech and not go to jail unless you commit a crime. You are also free to be whatever you want to be when you grow up, like an astronaut or an architect.”


Owen Heinz

Owen Heinz, 5th grader

We have a great selection of schools and colleges. We also have an abundance of jobs and rights.


Mason Jacob

Mason Jacob, 5th grader

You have the freedom to be yourself.


Will Smith

Will Smith, 5th grader

Being an American means I’m safe in this country. Also, I respect the people who fought in wars. When we say the pledge, I remember the people who bravely fought for us.


McKenzie Stencik

McKenzie Stencik, 5th grader

It means to be free. People don't tell you what to do or boss you around.


Jan Stachovec

Jan Stachovec, Kindergarten

Being American means being good.


Andrea Tai

Andrea Tai, Kindergarten

Being American means sharing kindness and love.


Lily Jarvis

Lily Jarvis, Kindergarten

Being American means being with God.


Taylor McCormack

Taylor McCormack, Kindergarten

I can help the earth and my friends.


Austin Blumthal

Austin Blumthal, 5th grader

To be American is to have the right to do many things. You have the freedom of speech, so you can talk back to actions or laws you don’t like.


Haddie White

Haddie White, 1st grader

It means being a good citizen. To be a good citizen, you help clean up trash, help others and do what you are supposed to do.


Ava Fifer

Ava Fifer, 1st grader

It means that we can live our life free


Lila Shin

Lila Shin, 1st grader

Freedom to the world. That our world is always clean, healthy and strong.



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