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Siesta Key Friday, Sep. 30, 2011 6 years ago

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Sept. 12
Rootin’ tootin’ shootin’ threats
8:15 a.m. — 4500 block of Banan Place.
Suspicious Incident. A resident reported that a man he did not know, in his 30s, bald and about 6 feet tall, had come to his home and pounded on the door. When the resident opened the door, the man told him, “You got 24 hours to get out, or I’ll kill you.” The resident told the man to leave, and the man did so. The resident said he is involved in eviction proceedings with his landlord and that he believed his landlord had sent the man to his door. The resident also told the deputy he was a former Army Ranger and a “mercenary for hire” and that he had “killed people like (the man at the door) for fun.” The resident added he did not see the man holding a gun, but he believed he had one. The deputy found no suspect in the area matching the description the resident provided. The deputy noted the resident and the landlord had been engaged in a civil dispute for more than a month and that the deputy had responded before to that address in reference to a complaint by the landlord.

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Sept. 16
A deal’s a dea
l9 p.m. — 600 block of Central Avenue.
Suspicious Circumstance. A man told police that he pawned his car for crack cocaine the night before, but wanted to report the vehicle as stolen because he wanted it back. Police advised him that because he entered into an agreement to pawn the vehicle, it was not a theft.

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Sept. 22
I'm coming for you
7:27 p.m. — 2875 University Parkway (Publix).
Information. The complainant was in an altercation with his fiancee in Sarasota County on an earlier date. He stated since the altercation, his fiancee’s father has been calling, texting and following him. The complainant was driving and ended up behind Publix. The suspect pulled up close to the complainant and made the same statements he makes in the phone calls and texts: “You’re a lucky boy,” and “I’m not done with you yet.” The complainant drove off and pulled into the Walmart parking lot and called 911. The suspect continued to follow the complainant until he parked at Walmart. While conducting the interview, the suspect called the complainant again, and the responding deputy answered.

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Sept. 21
The smell of suspicion
8:06 a.m. — 3200 block of GMD.
Suspicious Circumstance. A condominium maintenance supervisor reported that a resident noticed a “suspicious person” who “had a bad odor about him” the week earlier. The supervisor told police that he has noticed items such as toilet paper and air fresheners missing from the pool bathrooms and suspects that a person could be living in the nearby wooded area.

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