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Longboat Key Tuesday, Jun. 15, 2010 7 years ago

Timeline of Key Club's redevelopment plans

by: Robin Hartill Managing Editor

> February 2003
Longboat Key Club and Resort agents met with town officials about six proposed projects, which called for relocating 18 tennis courts to make way for three buildings on Longboat Club Road; the Residences of Islandside condominium development with 42 units in three nine-story buildings along with a 50-slip marina; 13 town homes along Harbourside Drive; an Islandside clubhouse and spa; and various enhancements to its Harbourside facility.

> Nov. 15, 2003
The Key Club submitted a new, reduced Islandside proposal to the town called Villas at Longboat Key Club, later renamed Ca d’Cuore, which called for 20 single-family home units and a new Harbourside tennis club.

> April 22, 2004
The planning board rejected the $20 million Islandside plans after hearing five hours of testimony from town staff that the development didn’t conform to town codes. In the year since the project was announced, the Islandside Property Owners Coalition (IPOC) formed, in response to the project, as an informal organization of Islandside condominium associations. The board voted to continue discussions about the new tennis facility.

> May 20, 2004
The Longboat Key Town Commission approved the scaled-back Harbourside tennis complex plans.

> May 26, 2004
Key Club Associates submitted a revised Ca’ d’Cuore plan reducing the number of villas from 20 to 18 with increased space between each home.

> June 21, 2004
The commission unanimously voted to remand the revised Ca’ d’Cuore plan back to the Planning and Zoning Board.

> Aug. 10, 2004
It was determined the revised Ca’ d’Cuore plan would not go to the Planning and Zoning Board in September as expected, because Key Club Associates did not submit the plan by deadline.

> April 10, 2008
The Key Club unveiled a $500 million project for its Islandside property including a new 222-room hotel, 261 new condominiums in two 10-story buildings, a resort meeting center, new wellness center and spa and a Rees Jones-designed golf course.

> May 2008
IPOC submitted an official opposition statement to the Key Club’s Islandside project. IPOC President Bob White described the plan as “too strong a departure from the character of the neighborhood.”

> Sept. 30, 2008
The Key Club filed a pre-application request for a $400 million scaled-back plan calling for a 40% reduction in residences and 12% reduction in hotel space, along with less square footage for meeting space and administration offices.

> Nov. 7, 2008
The Key Club filed its complete amendment application, putting the project officially on record with the Planning, Zoning and Building Department after months of speculation.

> Nov. 19, 2008
Planning, Zoning and Building Director Monica Simpson deemed the Islandside renovation-plan application complete.

> Dec. 2, 2008
In a letter, town attorney David Persson warned commissioners, commission candidates and town board members against discussing the club’s plans, saying that the hearings would be quasi-judicial.

> Dec. 17, 2008
L’Ambiance and two Sanctuary community associations filed an appeal against Simpson’s decision to declare the application complete, pushing back P&Z Board hearings about the project scheduled for January 2009.

> March 2009
Sands Point residents Rick and Marsha Crawford formed Positive Change for LBK, a group of approximately 300 Key Club plan supporters.

> April 22, 2009
Simpson reversed her decision made four months earlier that deemed the Islandside application complete, stating that the Longboat Key Association, which owns Longboat Club Road and its guardhouse, must sign the application for it to be complete.

> June 2009
The Key Club submitted a study prepared by Dr. Henry “Hank” Fishkind, of Orlando-based Fishkind & Associates Inc., estimating that that the Key Club’s renovation plan would create 280 jobs onsite and more than 500 jobs supported directly or indirectly from the project, generate a cumulative net fiscal surplus of more than $1 million over the first five years and increase property values by 7% to 12%.

> July 2009
The Key Club submitted a revised traffic analysis estimating that the renovation plan would increase traffic by one car per minute traveling in either direction of Gulf of Mexico Drive.

> July 16, 2009
Simpson deemed the Islandside application complete and moved it forward to the Planning and Zoning Board.

> Aug. 14, 2009
The Longboat Key Association, which owns Longboat Club Road, appealed Simpson’s ruling of completeness.

> Sept. 17, 2009
The P&Z Board upheld Simpson’s decision to deem the application complete.

> Oct. 21, 2009
The first P&Z Board hearing for the project drew more than 350 residents, many wearing either “I Support the Club” badges or “Can the Massive Plan” stickers. The hearings took place at Temple Beth Israel to accommodate the crowd.

> Nov. 17, 2009
On the sixth day of public hearings, P&Z Board members voted 7-1 to move forward with discussing the project and voted 4-3 to allow the two nine-storygolf-course condominiums to be built at the same height as L’Ambiance, the tallest existing Islandside condominium.

> Dec. 10, 2009
The P&Z Board voted 4-3 to move the project forward to the commission.

> Jan. 8, 2010
The commission voted 6-1 to move forward with Key Club presentations, despite concerns about the Comprehensive Plan.

> Jan. 29, 2010
Key Club officials submitted a revised plan with 65 residential condominium units in the 196-room hotel, which reduced the height of two condominium towers, in an effort to address IPOC’s concerns.

> Feb. 9, 2010
Key Club officials modified the plan again, adding a floor to the hotel and removing one villa building after club land planners realized that the villas proposed near New Pass violate town codes.

> March 1, 2010
The commission granted the Key Club’s request to have the P&Z Board review portions of the zoning code that affect the project.

> April 6, 2010
The P&Z Board approved seven zoning code amendments proposed by the Key Club.

> April 16, 2010
The commission voted 4-3 in favor of the Key Club’s suggested code clarifications.

> May 27, 2010
Simpson issued a 17-page memo recommending that the commission deny the plan, saying it is too big and too dense.

> June 14, 2010
The commission voted 4-3 in favor of an alternative redevelopment project.




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