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Edwina Oliver
Sarasota Monday, Apr. 1, 2013 4 years ago

Superintendant names Oak Park principal

by: Alex Mahadevan and Yaryna Klimchat

Sarasota County Superintendant of Schools Lori White picked former Phoenix Academy Program Director Edwina Oliver to replace Ron Dipillo as the principal of Oak Park, according to an April 1 news release.

Oliver previously served as assistant principal at Booker High School until 2012, when she was appointed program director at the Phoenix Academy. The Phoenix Academy, an alternative school for troubled students, is slated to close this summer.

"Ms. Oliver has strong academic credentials, has demonstrated outstanding leadership ability and is passionate about educating students with special needs,” said Executive of Director of High Schools Steve Cantees in the release. 

Oak Park School is one of two district facilities dedicated to students with special needs.  Oliver’s appointment will be submitted for School Board approval in April.

“I am elated to be able to continue my pursuit of working with students with disabilities on a larger scale,” Oliver  said. “I do believe that every step of my journey has led me to Oak Park, where I can continue to learn and grow as an instructional leader.”

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