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Eat and Drink
Arts and Entertainment Thursday, Mar. 28, 2013 8 years ago

A smart way to teach kids about eating healthy at Easter time

by: Sarah Felder

Packed in her Easy Lunchboxes container, my five-year-old has a hatching bunny rabbit. I used a cookie cutter to cut out the sandwich and placed a piece of dairy-free vegan cheese over the top for the "eggshell." I used raisins for the eyes, a dried cranberry piece for the nose, fruit leather whiskers and goji berries for the insides of his ears. To the left of the bunny are cantaloupe carrots with sunflower seed sprouts for the tops on a bed of lettuce.  In the top compartments are an egg-shaped kiwi with a few sprinkles for decoration and strawberry hearts with a bunny cupcake ring on top.

For her snack, she also has So Delicious brand dairy-free yogurt. This time it's strawberry with Easter sprinkles on top. In the top of her Happy Tiffin stainless bento box are organic, local blueberries and local blood orange slices.

This was from last year's Easter/Spring blog hop. Click HERE to see the awesome Easter lunches from last year's Bunny Blog Hop. I did a few lunches, but this was everyone's favorite. Who doesn't like seeing a cute, fuzzy bunny booty? So I decided to do another one this year.

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I have been in love with Sweet and Sara brand marshmallows ever since I found them. The local Whole Foods Market stopped carrying them (for shame!) so I now have to order them from New York for special occasions. My favorite are the toasted coconut-covered ones, and they happen to make a perfect bunny tail. The sandwich is on whole wheat bread. I used the heel for the top piece. I found the clear carrot Easter egg at my local Dollar Tree store and filled it with cashews. In the top compartments of her Easy Luncboxes container are bunny-shaped mango pieces and in the top right are cantaloupe rabbits.

Happy Easter and Passover, everyone!

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