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Longboat Key Wednesday, May. 11, 2011 6 years ago



April 17
Longboat Key Club Monthly Mixer

First place: Woody and Sue Wolverton with Bob and Margaret Lachmann, 38
Second place: Tom and Sandy Finnegan with Bill and Carol Scarbrough, 38.8
Third place: Bill and Anne Flinter with Ernie and Carol Westwood, 39.4
Closest to the pin: Ernie Westwood (men) and Jan Van Iten (ladies)
April 26

Closing luncheon, 1 Best Ball
First place: Stephanie Anzel, Marcy Klein, Merrill Howard and Suzanne Reiman, 55
Second place: Barbara Brizdle, Arleen Klein, Joyce Welch and Proxy, 58
Third place: Elenor Maxheim, Linda Schroeder, Jayne Weiss and Proxy, 59
Fourth place: Betsy Gentile, Steffi Gold, Sue Orlowski and Tina Skestos, 60
Fifth place (tie): Bella Adams, Jane Doty, Pat Lonsdale and Rochelle McKinney, 61
Fifth place (tie): Angela Freeman, Mary Fitzpatrick, Pat Heffron and Mary Smith, 61
Fifth place (tie): Sandy Finnegan, Elizabeth Sarzynski, Carol Scarbrough and Jean Tarsy, 61
Fifth place (tie): Roz Goldbeg, Betsy Granite, Laverne Kuttner and Juddy Solomon, 61

Closest to the pin
Blue 3: Linda Webter
Blue 7: Nancy Chanos
Red 3: Rochelle McKinney
Red 6: Margaret Lachmann

Bella Adams, Angela Freeman, Arleen Klein, Laverne Kuttner, Penny Wolf, Carol Westwood and Lana McDonald

April 26
Longboat Key Duplicate Bridge Club

Overall winners
1. Lori Brickman and Barbara Thoman
2. Jack Wilber and Larry Auerbach
3. Mimi Farrell and Dale Neuhaus
4. Judy Corney and Muriel Schwartzman

April 27
Longboat Key Duplicate Bridge Club

1. Eileen Sill and Deana Wainstein
2. Sally Sharp and Lois Kaufman
3. Ann and Earl Mumford

1. Linda Klein and Fremajane Wolfson
2. Alice Harper and Marilyn Shuman
3. Terry Neis and Kathy Sachs

April 28
Merill Duplicate Bridge Club

1. Eileen Sill and Lois Kaufman
2. Jayne Forstenzer and Dorrie Rosenberg
3. Bonney Libman and Judy Corney

1. Jack Wilber and Larry Auerbach
2. Erika Beyer and Muriel Schwartzman
3. Karyn Rex and Joan Sinder

April 30
Merrill Duplicate Bridge Club

Overall winners
1. Mary Lou Thomas and Chuck Prizer
2. Dorrie Rosenberg and Jayne Forstenzer
3 (tie): Connie and Don Howard
3 (tie): Joan Sinder and Karyn Rex

On April 18, Stu Rothbaum aced Hole 7 on the Blue Egret course at Longboat Key Club Harbourside. This was Rothbaum’s first ace. The hole measured 145 yards, and he did it with a 6-iron. His playing partners were Mort Skirboll, Michael Cohen and Larry Axelrod.

On April 26, Linda Weber hit a hole-in-one on Hole 3 on the blue course during the Longboat Key Club Women’s 18-Hole Golf Association’s closing luncheon.

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