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Students are starting school Monday, Aug 19, and drivers should be extra conscious of traffic laws when driving in school zones.
Siesta Key Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2013 4 years ago

Schools back in session, slow down


Sarasota County Public School students are heading back to class Monday, Aug 19, while some private schools are already in session. This means more school busses are on the road, students are riding bikes, walking to school and school zones are back in effect.

The Sarasota Police Department is on the lookout for drivers going over the speed limit in school zones. Speeding in a school zone can result in a fine of up to $288, or at higher speeds a mandatory court appearance.

Drivers must stop in both directions when school bus lights and stop signs are activated unless there is a median between the bus and the vehicle. Illegally passing a stopped school bus is a $206 fine and a red light or stop sign violation in a school zone can result in a $271 fine.

Expect more traffic in the morning and mid-afternoon when children are heading to and from school. Allow extra time to reach your destination if you are on the road at this time.

School crossing guards will be at intersections throughout the city helping children get to bus stops and schools safely.

Sarasota Police officers will be monitoring school zones and enforcing distracted driving such as texting while driving and seat-belt violations. The fine for distracted driving is $116.

The Sarasota Police Department reminds drivers that they will not receive a warning and there will be a zero-tolerance policy for those not abiding traffic laws in schools zones.

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