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Hefty fines will be issued for any traffic violation in a school zone or near a school bus.
Sarasota Friday, Aug. 19, 2011 10 years ago

School zones to be heavily patrolled

by: Robin Roy City Editor

Monday is the first day of school all across Sarasota County, and as a result, both the Sarasota Police Department and Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office will be patrolling school zones.

The sheriff’s office reminds drivers that they must stop for all school buses, when their stop signs are out and lights are flashing, even if the bus is on the opposing side of the street.

The one exception to that rule is if the bus is on the opposite side of the street, and a median at least 4 feet wide divides the road.

Sheriff’s deputies will be issuing the following fines for any driver who does not obey the law in a school zone.

• Failure to stop for a school bus, $271.
• 1-9 mph over the speed limit, $156
• 10-14 mph over the speed limit, $306
• 15-19 mph over the speed limit, $406
• 20-29 mph over the speed limit, $456
• More than 30 mph over the speed limit results in a mandatory court appearance.
• Passing a school bus on the exit side results in a mandatory court appearance.

The fines within the city limits are a bit different. They include:

• Speeding in a school zone, up to $288 and mandatory court appearance.
• Passing a stopped school bus, $206
• Running a red light or stop sign in a school zone, $271.

The police department will not issue any warnings for violations that endanger school children.

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