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East County Tuesday, Apr. 6, 2010 7 years ago

Professional Golf Tips 101

by: Jen Blanco Sports Editor

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus returned to The Concession Golf Club for a press conference March 31 to discuss improvement plans to the golf course that bears his name.

It was the first time the Golden Bear had returned to The Concession since it opened in 2006. During his time on the course, Nicklaus shared one of the most important golf lessons he’s learned over the past 60 years — believing in your own ability.

“Jack Grout was my longtime instructor, whom I had the pleasure of working with from age 10 until my late 40s,” Nicklaus said. “He was a wonderful teacher and like a second father to me. It was Jack who perhaps taught me the most important lesson I ever learned. It didn’t come in a book, a video or from an infomercial. In fact, he probably didn’t realize he was teaching me a lesson at the time. It was when I was 10, and I find it ageless even today. It’s about knowing yourself, understanding your golf game and, most important, believing in it, trusting it and having the confidence in yourself and your game.’

“As Jack taught me, know your game, play within yourself, and when you can do that, only then, can you improve,” he added. “I don’t care if you’re a 2-handicap or a 20-handicapper, if you learn that, you’ll be a better player.” 


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