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Sarasota Tuesday, Apr. 13, 2010 7 years ago

Police panel reviews minority forums

by: Robin Roy City Editor

The black and Hispanic communities want to forge better relationships with the Sarasota Police Department. That was the overall feeling coming from attendees to two minority forums last week.

The Police Advisory Panel, tasked with reviewing police policies and procedures, held one forum in Newtown and one in the largely Hispanic Park East neighborhood.

The attendees were asked questions such as “What makes a good police officer?” and “What kind of policing does your community want?”

The general response was that they want officers who are fair and treat others the way they would want to be treated.

Both communities said they want better relationships with the police officers assigned to their areas.

“The overwhelming message is that people want to see more of the officers,” said panel member Adam Tebrugge.

For more on the results of the forums, see the April 15 issue of The Sarasota Observer.

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