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Longboat Key Wednesday, Mar. 24, 2010 7 years ago

Player of the Week: Victoria Sassine

by: Dora Walters Senior Editor

When did you start playing tennis?
“I began playing at 10. My dad, a military officer, had just returned from Vietnam. He played tennis. Tennis became a way we could communicate as we became reacquainted. I loved it and have played ever since. I think tennis is a lifelong sport, and my two daughters, Victoria and Anna, are beginning to play.”

How was the last game you played?
“I played doubles yesterday and we did win. We did O.K.”

Do you warm up before a game?
“Always. I do about 15 minutes of stretching and yoga. It is sort of funny, but that’s the only time I do yoga.”

What do you eat before a game?
“I always eat protein. It could be egg whites or maybe a hard-boiled egg.”

What was your best shot in your last game?
“It definitely was my cross-court forehand. That is always one of my best shots.”

Were there any slip-ups?
“Yes … the sun was in my eyes and it was hard to follow the ball. In Boston, we play indoors mostly … no sun, no wind.”

Will you do anything differently during your next game?
“Oh yes. I’m going to get a hat with a big brim! And, when I play, I am always trying to improve — that’s what I do every time I play.”

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