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Longboat Key Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2009 10 years ago

Player of the Week: Anna Davis

by: Robin Hartill Managing Editor

Anna Davis’ tennis partners compare her to a bat boy. She’s consistent, and they can always count on her to retrieve the ball. Davis is a regular at the Longboat Key Public Tennis Center, where we caught up with her after a mixed-doubles game Monday, Oct. 19. But even when Davis isn’t on the tennis court, she’s probably on the move. She exercises regularly, plays table tennis and likes to dance.

• When did you start playing?
Probably 35 years ago. In high school, I started taking lessons with an instructor.

• How was today’s game?
It was a good game. Interesting. We were winning 5-3.

• Did you warm up before playing?
I didn’t warm up, but I do a lot of physical exercise each day — walking, plus table tennis. I have a physical-exercise program.

• What did you eat before today’s game?
Just a banana.

• What was your best move today?

Being steady. I’m always very steady. Being consistent is what I am known for.

• Any slip-ups?
Yes, definitely. The ball came right over the net, and I was right up there, but I missed. I think the ball took a little spin in the wind.

• Will you do anything differently the next time you play?
I think I would try to be a little bit more aggressive.

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