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Longboat Key Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2010 7 years ago

Pets unleash inner desires

by: Dora Walters Senior Editor

Dogs had their day meeting with animal communicator Lori Michel at Kibbles ’N’ Nibbles held Feb. 21, at Alicia’s Grooming on Longboat Key.

The event, hosted by Jackie Salvino and Linda Swain, benefited the Sarasota Humane Society and The Women’s Resource Center.

The dogs didn’t have an hour on the couch, but 15 minutes was enough to have a chitchat with Michel. And owners found out a lot about their dogs.

Susan and Lenny Landau learned that their English mastiff, Prissy, a rescue dog, had not been abused but had likely been in a accident. Prissy confided to Michel that she prefers crunchy dog food and really likes her at-home playtime with Susan Landau.

Then there was Sasse, an exuberant white poodle, owned by Pat Mock. Michel proclaimed Sasse is a diva who loves everybody and everything and is convinced the world is all about her. Michel advised that if Mock ever considered adopting another dog that Sasse should help choose it.

Bosco, a chocolate Labrador, owned by Bill and Libby Thornton, was another bundle of energy. The Thorntons asked about Bosco’s recent behavior of howling instead of barking. Michel smiled and said, “He likes to hear himself. He is enjoying it.” However, she didn’t offer any solutions if the owners don’t like to listen. But Bosco had some sadness, Michel said. Bill Thornton’s father recently passed away, and Bosco saw him frequently. Michel said Bosco is still looking for him.

Louise Monaco had concerns about her black poodle, Petey. A rescue dog, Monaco said Petey is nervous and high strung. In communicating with Petey, Michel said he still had trauma from being left on his own and that it will take time. She assured Monaco he is as happy as he can be at this point.

But it wasn’t just a day for dogs — one brave cat owner showed up. Virginia Sanders came with Hoody Too 6. Michel said Hoody Too 6 is very smart, but Sanders said she already knew that. Hoody is a very loving cat, and he became more so after Sanders’ husband, Jack, died. Hoody Too 6 didn’t reveal any secrets to Michel but did say he was quite happy with his home.

During the event, there were treats for the four-legged guests and their owners. Some lucky dogs even got massages.

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