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Running Routes
Sarasota Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016 3 years ago

Outdoor exercise: Don't sweat it

Minimize the impact of the summer heat on your body with these workout locations and tips.
by: Amanda Morales Staff Writer

Don’t let the Florida heat deter you from taking your workout outdoors. These local running spots offer shelter from the heat.


Lakewood Ranch Golf and Country Club

Within the Lakewood Ranch running community, a running favorite is within the gates of the Lakewood Ranch Golf and Country Club.

Not only does the area boast serene views of the golf course, but it’s quiet and has plenty of routes from which to choose. There is less traffic than along Lakewood Ranch Boulevard, and runners can create routes ranging from 2 to 8 miles.

A runner can take a main route, for example, starting at Balmoral Woods Boulevard and running along Arnold Palmer Green to Legacy Boulevard and then reconnecting with Arnold Palmer to complete a nearly 3-mile loop. Or, a runner can take side streets or other main roadways to create a variety of paths.

“There are a lot of trees for shade and water stops,” said Jen Tullio, president of the Lakewood Ranch Running Club. “We love to target that whole area because you don’t have to carry water.”

Indian Beach Sapphire Shores

If you’re in the neighborhood of Indian Beach Sapphire Shores in Sarasota, take advantage of the overgrown ficus and banyan trees along Bay Shore Road for shade.

Consider a detour through Sapphire Shores Park, where you’ll find bayfront views and a walking trail.

Within the neighborhood, stay safe by using the sidewalk for walking and running to avoid oncoming traffic.

Payne Park

This 29-acre park is known as a patch of green among the tall buildings downtown. The park is often used as a venue for fundraising walks and races.

A gravel path weaves throughout the park with trees on each side providing shade, plus the gravel is softer than pavement, making it easier on the joints. This path has an added challenge: hills — yes, even though it’s Florida — although they aren’t too steep.

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