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Planned renovations of the pavilion at Siesta Beach will expand the facility while respecting architect Tim Seibert's original design. (Courtesy rendering)
Siesta Key Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013 4 years ago

Options emerge for Siesta Key Beach project

by: Nolan Peterson News Editor

The Siesta Beach Park Improvement Project is coming in at reduced cost — and with options.

The County Commission passed a motion Wednesday to approve a ranked list of potential add-ons to the renovations. Recently released cost estimates put the project $375,303 below its allotted price tag. Project managers presented county commissioners with a list of optional additions to round out the already set aside $21.5 million.

The Siesta Beach Park Improvement Project will add parking at Siesta Beach; revamp and expand the beach pavilion and restroom facilities; add a new east concession and restroom area; and make the park more environmentally friendly.

Project managers also assured county commissioners Wednesday that Sheriff Tom Knight was on board with the redesigned beach pavilion and parking lot.

Commissioners insisted the approved improvements will be included only if they do not take the overall cost of the project above its $21.5 million budget.

The options, as the County Commission ranked them, are:

1. Dune walkovers: $214,500
2. West pavilion: $241,697
3. Ten additional two-pole shelters: $142,780
4. Park tree size and species upgrade: $190,000
5. Upgrade esplanade concrete to standard pavers: $124,609
6. Concrete paving at maintenance yard: $86,130
7. Covered maintenance building: $73,689
8. Parking lot tree size and species upgrade: $140,000

After years of delays, improvements to Siesta Beach Park are set to begin before the end of the year. Sweet Sparkman Architects, the firm charged with the project’s design, reports that architecture plans are 90% complete and that permits are submitted and in progress.

Final design and construction plans will be presented to the County Commission Oct. 23. If the commission approves, construction will begin in November and is expected to last two years.

“Any more delay in this project is going to add $100,000 to $200,000 a year,” County Commissioner Joe Barbetta said. “We need to get this thing moving.”

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