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Sirius Miller
Longboat Key Wednesday, Jun. 15, 2011 10 years ago

An ode to a Sirius-ly beloved dog


Longboat Key lost a good and faithful friend last month.

Sirius Miller — the beloved dog of Cannons Marina owners David and Lucy Miller, who was a regular around the marina — died at home in his bed, surrounded by his family. In his honor, Lucy Miller wrote on the Cannons Marina blog,

“He was loyal, sweet, always looking for food and game 24-7. He was obsessed with tennis balls and treats. He loved to swim, boat and even dive (well, sort of, he would fetch things under water).

“Sirius taught us kindness in the face of aggravation. I mean, having five kids pole up on you cannot be easy, even if you are a golden retriever. Sirius took the attention from every stranger with respect and grace.

“An ode to you, Sirius. Goodbye, our dear friend. We hope that we served you half as well as you served us.”


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