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Arts and Entertainment Wednesday, Apr. 18, 2012 9 years ago

Observe This: Today’s Top Stories

by: John Ewing

Town hires new PZ&B director

→ Robin D. Meyer, who has worked for St. Lucie County for the last four-and-a-half years, will begin his new role May 14.

St. Lucie County Assistant Director of Growth Management/Building and Code Regulation Manager Robin D. Meyer has accepted the position of Longboat Key Planning, Zoning & Building director.

Meyer, 61, will assume the role May 14.

“I always try to grow my career, and this was a very unique opportunity,” he said. “It’s a beautiful community. There appeared to be a lot of unique challenges.”

Meyer was selected from an initial pool of 62 applicants, five of whom a panel interviewed April 2. He will earn an annual salary of $93,000, and his employment will include a ... [click here to read on!]

East County resident battles identity theft

→ East County resident Joe Comforto has been battling identity theft for five years. This year, however, the thieves used his information to commit tax fraud.

Over the last few years, Joe Comforto’s mailbox has become a receptacle for things he never ordered — and never wished to find.

Magazines sent to his address under a different name. Letters from credit-card companies explaining they couldn’t authenticate his information and would not issue him a new card. And a plethora of other reminders his identity has been stolen.

And just last month, when Comforto’s accountant went to file his taxes, he discovered...[click here to read on!]

Town preps for property value drop

→ Property-tax estimates won't be released until June, but town staff is preparing for an estimated $255,000 drop in revenue.

Taxable property values will likely drop for the fifth year in a row on Longboat Key.

Town staff estimates that ad valorem property valuations for the 2012-13 fiscal year will drop by 3%, which could reduce tax revenues by approximately $255,000, according to a memorandum from Finance Director Tom Kelley.

Kelley told the Longboat Observer that although the town is preparing for a 3% drop in property values, staff expects the actual drop will be...[click here to read on!]

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