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Sarasota Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2020 1 year ago

May we quote you? The Sarasota Observer news quiz

See what kind of 2020 newshound you were. Like you had somewhere better to go or something better to do.
by: Eric Garwood Managing Editor

It's nearly New Year's Eve, but few of our auld lang syne traditions are going to hold up very well here in the COVID-19 age. 

Big parties? Nope.

Kiss at midnight? Step back, pal. 

The Sarasota Observer's annual news quiz? Now, we're talking. 

The premise is simple: Match the names of Sarasota-area newsmakers to the letter corresponding with their direct quotation from the 2020 pages of the Sarasota Observer.

The newsmakers

Alex DavisShaw

Tom Barwin 

Jen Ahearn-Koch

Rick Piccolo

Jan Solomon

Deb Kiner

Beth Duda

Rachel Shelley

 Brennan Asplen 

 Virginia Haley

What they said

A: "By mid-March, it fell off a cliff.''

B: "When I was 16, I called the FBI and was like, how to I become an agent.''

C: "The situation changes literally by the day.''

D: "It changes by the minute."

E: "It's just so joyous and humbling to do this.''

F. "This is definitely an unusual start to a school year.''

G: "People do not want that feeling of being stranded. It does not make for a happy vacation.''

H: "When you go into our program, it takes five people to pull down the curtain. You go into other schools in the district, you push one button and it falls.''

I: "People who eat chocolate on sailboats don't start wars.''

J: If you could get 10% of the people to do something different or 10% of the people to do something at a different time, it would make a difference. 


Alex DavisShaw: J; Tom Barwin: C; Jen Ahearn-Koch: D; Rick Piccolo: A; Jan Solomon: I; Deb Kiner: B; Beth Duda: E; Rachel Shelley: H; Brennan Asplen: F; Virginia Haley: G

How did you do? 

0-3 correct: We get it, there was a lot going on. 

4-7 correct: In 2020, try reading a paper without a hyphen.

8-10 correct: Our editor sends warmest regards.




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