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Sarasota Friday, May. 1, 2009 8 years ago

May Day protesters march downtown

by: Robin Roy City Editor

A group of about 20 demonstrators, many of them New College students and members of the group Food Not Bombs, marched through downtown streets Friday, May 1 to protest corporate bailouts.

The protesters beat on drums made from plastic buckets, carried signs and shouted anti-bailout chants.
They began gathering at about 3 p.m., in Five Points Park, and began their march east on Main Street about 45 minutes later.

One protester said she was there to voice her opposition to her tax dollars being used for corporate welfare.
A flyer advertising the rally read: “Reclaim the streets. May Day 2009. No more business as usual, while our taxes are used to line the pockets of those who created the economic mess we are in.”

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