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Sarasota Thursday, Aug. 20, 2009 8 years ago

Man on the street: Street speak

by: Maggie Pahos

Question: How do you feel about the commission approving a paid parking program downtown?

Tim Nordlund

“I don’t really care for it.”

Natalie Sprenger
, National Hair Center
“It’s crazy. In this economy we want to be welcoming people, not pushing them away. Retail stores are going out of business one after another. It will make people stop coming to the Main Street area.”

Beth Arthur
“I think it’s tragic. I think that the shopkeepers are truly, truly going to find a decline. Every merchant I’ve talked to about it is unhappy.”

Kathy Blankenship, Friend’s Jewelers
“We’ve been here 32 years. We’ve seen them put up meters before and then take them down. The system doesn’t work.”

Ron Soto
, Soto’s Optical Boutique
“I’m for the meters because of this logic: There should be paid parking where it’s convenient, right in front of the stores. If people have to go out of the way to park, like in the parking garages and parking lots, it should be free. Also, two hours is not enough time to get everything done that one wants to get done downtown. The parking garages or lots should be free for three hours and after that time, a fee should be charged.”

Alison Bishop, Living Walls Furniture and Design
“I am very happy that they have committed to doing it in phases. I think that the parking garages in conjunction with the meters can work. If a parking garage goes up before they begin charging with the meters, it will provide maximum flexibility.”

Fred Sciola, Smokin’ Joes Pub
“We don’t like it. I just don’t understand why they have to keep chasing people away from downtown.”

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