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Sarasota Wednesday, May 12, 2010 11 years ago

Man on the Street: Oil Spill

by: Maria Amodio Editor

As cleanup and containment efforts for the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continue, Florida business owners fear tourism is going to suffer as a result. We asked business owners in Downtown Sarasota whether they think our area will be impacted.

Will the oil spill have a negative effect on tourism in Sarasota?

Wendy Getchall
Lotus Boutique, owner
“I hope not, but I’m afraid that if it hits our shores tourism will be affected. The state of Florida needs to do whatever it takes and everything in its power to help minimize the effects of the oil spill.”

Ann Jackson
PJ’s Boutique, owner
“Not at the moment. I think that everybody is prepared to deal with anything that does come ashore. I’m not too worried because I don’t think people are as likely as they used to be to cancel their vacations. With everything going on in the world, like the volcanic ash clouds in Iceland, an oil spill isn’t going to stop people from traveling.”

Ron Saba
Ashley Avery, co-owner
“If it reaches our shores it could have long-term effects. Our beautiful, white beaches are one of the things people come here for. If the oil reaches them they could be ruined.”

Rebecca Bolz
Picobello, manager
“We get a lot of European tourists in the summer, so they’re not familiar with the different areas of Florida. If one part of the state is affected, they might stay away from Sarasota, even if the oil doesn’t reach our shores.”

Helen Ringus
Wearable Art, owner
“I think the economy has already had such a big impact on businesses that the oil spill really isn’t going to make much of a difference.”

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