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East County Thursday, May. 6, 2010 7 years ago

MAN ON THE STREET: Hot, hot, hot!

by: Pam Eubanks Senior Editor

After a long, cool winter, temperatures are on the upswing. The East County Observer caught up with some golfers at the Palm-Aire Country Club to see what they thought about the climatic changes.

Do you like the heat or miss the cold?

Carol Blackburn
“I love (the heat). It feels wonderful.”

Jackie Booker
“I love the heat. That’s why I moved here. I had plenty of cold in Illinois. I’ve got air-conditioning. I’ve got a pool. I’ve got golf. I’m happy.”

Pam Czech
“I hate the cold and love the warm. Every time I go up north to visit the kids in the winter, I get sick. My blood has thinned out.”

Ann Marie Henry
“It depends on what you consider cold. Seventy to 72 degrees is perfect. I didn’t play a lot this winter because it felt too cool. Sixty (degrees) is not bad really, with no wind.”

Mary Peters
“I like the heat. The cold was too long this year with all the plants dying.”

Anne Pistilli
“A little bit of both. Cold is really hard to play golf in and the real muggy heat is hard to play golf in.”

Therese Poulos
“We had an extremely long, hot summer last year, so I enjoyed the cool weather. It was a nice change. I also enjoy the warmth, but it gets a little overbearing in the summer.”

Rosemary Wardlow
“I like the heat. I lived in Buffalo (N.Y.) for 30 years, and I thoroughly enjoy Florida.”

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