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They got the T-shirts to show for it
Longboat Key Wednesday, Mar. 20, 2013 4 years ago

Lore: Klauber won seven-year legal battle

by: Robin Hartill Managing Editor

On March 24, 1997, longtime Colony Beach & Tennis Resort owner Dr. Murray “Murf” Klauber received a tentative settlement after a seven-year legal battle. This time, though, it didn’t involve the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort Association.

Klauber reached a settlement with the town, which agreed to pay him $6.5 million: $4.5 million in cash no later than April 8, 1997, followed by

$2 million in increments over the next seven years.

The lawsuit stemmed from Klauber’s plans to build the Reserve resort spa at what is now the site of Vizcaya condominium.

The town revoked Klauber’s building permits, and Klauber alleged the town arbitrarily did so because some members of the Town Commission opposed him and his political views. In his suit, he claimed his civil rights were violated.

A Tampa federal jury awarded him $8.9 million: $2.6 million for out-of-pocket costs, $6 million for lost profits and $290,000 for mental distress.

Judge Steven D. Merryday — yes, the same judge who overturned key rulings in the Colony’s 2011 bankruptcy case — ordered the parties into mediation, during which Klauber and the town agreed on the
$6.5 million settlement.

+ Take your PIC
The Longboat Key Public Interest Committee (PIC) made its endorsements for the March 21, 1989, election in its newsletter, “The Voice.”

But a bogus newsletter that an unknown prankster sent out by first-class mail to Key households said PIC had held an emergency meeting and reversed its picks.

The fake edition brought a bevy of denials in which everyone was a suspect, including PIC supporters, PIC opponents and PIC itself.

+ Classic Cops
March 26, 1980 — 9:24 a.m. Officer reports a physical clash between two men aged 75 and 76. Altercation brought to a halt by shortness of breath on both parts. Only minor injuries sustained.

+ They got the T-shirts to show for it
After voters rejected $4,800 annual pay for Longboat Key town commissioners, Town Manager Bruce St. Denis gave commissioners a consolation prize.

He presented them with T-shirts that read, “I am a Longboat Key commissioner and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.”

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