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Longboat Key Friday, Oct. 20, 2017 2 years ago

Longboat officially appoints Brownman as public works director

Isaac Brownman shared the position with long-time director Juan Florensa for several months.
by: Bret Hauff Staff Writer

After a months-long transition period, Town Manager Dave Bullock appointed Isaac Brownman as the town’s sole public works director on Thursday.

Brownman, formally public works director and county engineer for Sarasota, joined Longboat Key’s payroll Aug. 7 to work alongside longtime Public Works Director Juan Florensa to help smooth the transition. Florensa, who plans to retire in January, has been the town's public works director for 17 years. He will stay on with the department until his retirement, working with Brownman on town projects.

“He has hit the ground running,” Florensa said of his replacement.

Although the town manager made the official decision, Bullock says he left the decision up to Brownman and Florensa.

“They asked me this week to do that, and it makes perfect sense to me,” Bullock said.

In an email to Mayor Terry Gans announcing the change, Bullock wrote that both Brownman and Florensa wanted a single point of leadership through Florensa's retirement next year. Bullock added that Brownman has grasped and understands the culture of the town and how the department aids its citizens.

“Technically, Isaac does not need any training," Florensa said. "I saw my job here as not to teach him how to do his job, but the culture of Longboat Key and how we deliver services to our residents.” 

Brownman says he does not expect his day-to-day duties to change with the appointment.

“It’ll just be continuing on with what we’ve already been doing here,” Brownman says.

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