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The intersection of Broadway and Gulf of Mexico Drive is poorly lit at night, according to area homeowners.
Longboat Key Thursday, Apr. 4, 2013 4 years ago

Longboat Key street lighting assistance requested

by: Kurt Schultheis Senior Editor

North-end Key resident Dan Whelan has asked District 5 Commissioner Pat Zunz for assistance with a lack of street lighting in his neighborhood.

In an April 3 email to Zunz, Whelan reports his Conrad Beach homeowners association board has expressed concern “about the lack of a working street light at the western intersection of Gulf of Mexico Drive and Broadway.”

“There is a standard light and fixture at the intersection, but neither the area light, nor the street sign light have been working since I became a resident in 2003,” Whelan wrote.

Whelan said he and neighbors have witnessed several close calls as vehicles fail to recognize they are approaching Broadway, nearly miss their right hand turn and then suddenly make a quick dangerous turn.

Whelan asked Zunz for help with restoring the light and Zunz reported the town is working to make areas along Gulf of Mexico Drive that are poorly lit more visible.

“The town has conducted a study of street lights that need shielding during the turtle season and it is my understanding that no street lights will be turned off during turtle season once the shields are put on the lights,” Zunz wrote.

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