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Sarasota Friday, Jun. 21, 2013 4 years ago

Local songwriter finds inspiration on wire

by: Alex Mahadevan News Innovation Editor

Rob Satori, a Sarasota musician and aongwriter, met Karl Wallenda as director of the Sarasota High School Admirals Jazz Stage Band.

One June 20, 2013, Satori drew inspiration from Wallenda's great grandson, Nik Wallenda, to compose his Youtube music video release "Man On A Wire." Days before Nik Wallenda plans to walk the highwire across the Grand Canyon, Satori praises the Wallendas' feats and faith with a hook drawn from Nik Wallenda's personal motto, "never give up, never give in."

"We are both men on wires," Satori said in a press release. "The vast difference is my wires are contained within a piano and perhaps I might stub my finger... not risk my life!"


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