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East County Wednesday, May. 25, 2011 6 years ago



+ Resident questions McGonegal’s abilities
Dear Editor:

What went wrong with Manatee County School District’s finances? In February 2005, the district was looking for a new superintendent, and with Tim McGonegal’s excellent résumé, he was selected.
But as we all know, time tells if we have made the right choice.

McGonegal is a CPA, which makes it more upsetting about this district’s financial problems. When you look back at McGonegal’s work experiences, you find he’s worked in many areas such as the Florida Auditor General’s Office, in the public sector and with the Highland School District. While at Highland, he was in charge of risk management, which is the health care and worker’s compensation programs. Then in 2002, McGonegal became the assistant director of finance under Dr. Roger Dearing for Manatee. He rose fast to a position of assistant superintendent of business services.

When an opening for superintendent became available, he applied and was selected. However in 2006-2007, we started to have a huge financial problems in the health care plan and worker’s compensation. Now, it has ballooned to its $12 million-plus deficit and growing.

With all his great experience in finances, how did he allow this debacle to happen? It’s been stated that by 2014, if not corrected, we will owe about $50 million. Is he hiding something, or is he just over his head? Here is a man who has done nothing. Why? There are a lot questions that need to be asked without the district’s double talk. 

Peggy Martin

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