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East County Wednesday, Mar. 17, 2010 11 years ago

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ranch HOAs out of control

by: Keith Reeves

Dear Editor:

I read your article (titled “Latest HOA fine sparks remarks from Rex Jensen”) and just wanted to clarify if I understood what HOA President Tom Headly said.

It sounded to me where he talked about budgetary restrictions because of the increase in foreclosures etc. that he is essentially saying the HOA needs to fine the basically good residents because their budget is out of whack because of the deadbeats. Got to love that justification.

Keep on them because this is all so embarrassing for us in Lakewood Ranch, and as Rex Jensen said, “You have got to apply reason and common sense.” I don’t know the Ronneys, but they seem to be an asset to the community with their business, and fining them this kind of money (guessing computes to $100 per inch of sign) is, in my humble opinion, off-the-charts unreasonable.

Bottom line is they need to refund these people’s money and apologize.

I would love to see the results of an ESPN-type poll on who thinks this all makes any sense.

With all the real problems in the world today, why do we create aggravations for ourselves (by ourselves essentially) on trivial things such as shells and small signs?

Exposing these sorts of decisions and the lack of common-sense leadership may be the only way to effectuate change. At the end of the day, we residents need to figure how to hit the restart button on how our community is being governed.

Thank you and have a great day.

Keith Reeves
Lakewood Ranch

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