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East County Wednesday, Mar. 24, 2010 11 years ago

LETTER: Behavior harmful to Creekwood cranes

by: Beverly Skelton

Dear Editor:

The Creekwood sandhill cranes have two babies now. The parents worked hard to keep the nest high and the eggs from dying. The babies are sure nice and fun to watch.

But a woman was feeding the parent bread or roll. This is harmful to the cranes. Sandhills feed on insects, small animals and grain — not bread, rolls, hot dogs, lunch meat, pork or beef. All of this will kill them.

The parents dig in dirt up to their eyes for grubs and bugs. They look at your eye and see a white spot and they will pick it. They will fight for their babies. They stand as tall as a person when they get upset.
So stay away and enjoy them as they work to feed and protect their young.

I am upset that the lakes have a lot of trash and garbage in it. It is from the restaurants. They do not tie garbage bags and do not close Dumpster lids. They also wash things out back, which is next to the lakes, and the water washes back into the lakes. You can see grease on the road, and one restaurant feeds fish. I will not eat at these restaurants.

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