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East County Thursday, Sep. 24, 2009 8 years ago

Lakewood swimmers fall to Lemon Bay

by: Jen Blanco Sports Editor

The Lakewood Ranch High swim team, which was without 15 swimmers due to illness, fell to host Lemon Bay 299-284 Sept. 23. 

The girls team won 160-148 while the boys team lost 151-124.  Top three finishers include: 

Girls 200 Medley "A" Relay-A. Reid, M. Rushing, R. Sauer, S. McCarthy


Girls 200 Medley "B" Relay-A. Riggens, B. Holtry, G. Vogel, K. Dean


Boys 200 Medley "A" Relay-R. Stasiowski, J. Silvers, J. Cascone, M. Polk


Boys 200Medley Relay "B"-M. Soler, L. Sanchez, R. Hall,A. Bacon 3rd-2:13.49

Girls 200 Yard Free-A. Reid 1st-2:03.63

Boys 200 Yard Free-R. Hall 2nd-2:15.72, A. Bacon 3rd-2:24.37

Girls 200IM-R. Sauer 1st-2:30.03, M. Rushing 2nd-2:45.81, B. Holtry


Boys 200IM-J. Silvers 1st-2:15.12, R. Stasiowski 2nd-2:22.63

Girls 50 Free-S. McCarthy 2nd-26.96

Boys 50 Free-C. Soler 3rd-29.34

Girls 100 Fly-G. Vogel 1st-1:05.66

Boys 100 Fly-J. Cascone 1st-57.93, R. Hall 3rd-1:07.35

Girls 100 yard free-G. Vogel 2nd-1:03.98, A. Rademaker 3rd-1:09.42

Boys 100 yard free-M. Polk 1st-53.94, A. Bacon 3rd-1:03.53

Girls 500 free-R. Sauer 1st-5:49.62, M. Rushing 3rd-6:35.27

Boys 500 Free-J. Silvers 1st-5:18.85, R. Stasiowski 2nd-5:55.73

Girls 200 Yard Free Ralay "A"-B. Holtry, A. Ryder, A. Riggens, G. Vogel


Girls 200 Yard Free Relay "B"-A. Rademaker, K. Dean, A. Basden, J. Wopinski


Boys 200 Yard Free Relay "A"-A. Bacon, R. Hall, C. Soler, L. Sanchez-2nd


Girls 100 yard backstroke-S. Mccarthy 1st-1:07.58, A. Riggens 3rd-1:20.13

Boys 100 yard backstroke-J. Cascone 1st-1:05.34

Girls 100 yard breaststroke-A. Reid 1st-1:12.65, A. Basden 3rd-1:26.12

Boys 100 yard breaststroke-M. Polk 2nd-1:19.19, L. Sanchez 3-1:19.28

Girls 400 free relay "A"-A. Reid, B. Holtry, R. Sauer, S. McCarthy


Girls 400 Free relay "B"-B. Howell, M. Rushing, A. Rademaker, Alanna Ryder


Boys 400 free relay "A"-J. Silvers, M. Polk, R. Stasiowski, J. Cascone



The Mustangs will return to action Sept. 30 against Booker and Riverview. The meet will be held at 6 p.m., at the Sarasota YMCA- Selby Aquatics Center. 


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