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East County Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2010 6 years ago

Lakewood districts welcome supervisors

by: Pam Eubanks Senior Editor

LAKEWOOD RANCH — Lakewood Ranch Community Development District supervisors welcomed several new members to their ranks during the boards’ monthly meetings Nov. 18.

CDD 4’s board will see the most change with three of five supervisors replaced. Creating a new dynamic for the board will be Greenbrook residents Stacy White, Joe Sidiski and Keith Davey, who join veteran commissioners Nancy Johnson and Michael Griffin.

“I’m looking forward to getting to work and addressing some of the issues in the neighborhood,” said White, who has been active in the Lakewood Ranch Mom’s Group for the last six years.

White and Sidiski said tackling issues such as landscaping and the community’s overall appearance will be some of their top priorities, based on concerns they’ve heard from residents. To that end, the board soon will be compiling a list of priorities on which to work over the next year, Davey said.

“With three people coming to the board, there’s going to be an infusion of new ideas,” Sidiski said. “I think we’re going to accomplish quite a bit.”

CDD 5 also will see changes with the election of Alan Silverglat and Marty Cohn, who replaced supervisors Glenda Robertson and Dave Brucker, who did not run for re-election.

Both Silverglat and Cohn said increasing resident involvement in the district’s business would be a top priority.

“I’d love to see the community involvement and participation increase, and for us to be continually responsive to the community’s needs,” Silverglat said.

Also taking the oath of officer were Don O’Leary and Tom Green in CDD 2 and Phyllis Troy, Gary Berns and Jean Stewart in CDD 1.

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+ Districts reconsider security contractor
Supervisors in CDDs 1 and 4 will reconsider their contracts with Allegiance Security Group, which has provided patrolling and security services for the districts in the past year.

Town Hall operations staff said the company has been less responsive than US Security Associates, the company used by CDDs 2 and 5.

Supervisors likely will extend their contract with Allegiance on an interim basis once it expires Jan. 15 so they have time to reconsider the scope of the contract and solicit input from the public.

Currently, CDDs 1 and 4 have separate contracts, but share services to provide each district with 12-hour patrols, seven days a week. CDD 1 Supervisor June Stroup asked for future bids to consider a separate contact both with and without shared services with CDD 4.

+ Operations earns carp approval
The Inter-District Authority’s operations department on Nov. 18 received approval from the Southwest Water Management for the use of carp in several of CDD 5’s lakes.

Carp will be allowed in 39 of 81 requested lakes within CDD 5 at an allotment of up to 20 fish per acre, Maintenance Manager Paul Chetlain said. CDD 1 already has been issued permits to use carp in 26 of 54 lakes and fish will be introduced by the end of November.

• Engineer Mike Kennedy reported that Manatee officials have stated repairs to Lakewood Ranch Boulevard, just south of the bridge should be complete by early December.

• Supervisors elected June Stroup as chairman; Jean Stewart as vice chairman; Gary Berns as secretary; Alan Roth as treasurer; Stewart as the representative to the IDA; and Berns as the homeowner’s association liaison.

• Supervisors authorized engineer Mike Kennedy to send a letter to Manatee officials requesting the repaving of portions of University Parkway and Lakewood Ranch Boulevard.

• Supervisors authorized staff to initiate negotiations with Ardaman & Associates for the evaluation of pavement management on roadways.

• Supervisors recommended for staff to get a proposal from Ardaman & Associates to further investigate three storm drains.

• Supervisors elected Bob Stepleman as chairman; Tom Green as vice chairman; Pete Bokach as secretary: Kathleen Grant as treasurer; Green as the representative to the IDA; and Don O’Leary as the homeowner’s association liaison.

• Maintenance Manager Paul Chetlain reported the rebuilding and maintenance of monument signs to Greenbrook Bend and Greenbrook Run, which were vandalized, should be completed by Dec. 1. Supervisors are considering maintenance improvements for monuments signs throughout the community as well.

• Supervisors elected Michael Griffin as chairman; Keith Davey as vice chairman; Stacy White as secretary; Joe Sidiski as treasurer; Nancy Johnson as the representative to the IDA; and Sidiski as the homeowner’s association liaison.

• Supervisors authorized staff to initiate negotiations with Ardaman & Associates for the evaluation of pavement management on roadways.

• Supervisors elected Tom Bishop as chairman; Dave Emison as vice chairman; Tom Leavey as secretary: Alan Silverglat as treasurer; Emison as the representative to the IDA; and Silverglat as the homeowner’s association liaison.

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