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Arts and Entertainment Thursday, Feb. 9, 2012 9 years ago

Harness the Power of Feng Shui to Find Love

by: John Ewing

Kathy Keh, owner of Feng Shui Sarasota, shares some ancient space-activating secrets that may help you find "the One." Read on and find out how this Valentine’s Day could be your lucky day!

When you don’t have someone special to celebrate Valentine’s Day with it can be dreadful. Some of us just write it off to fate and hope for better the next year. Now, in the world of feng shuithis is absolutely the last thing you would do. In fact, you would do exactly the opposite: you would take the bull by the horns and activate your "Peach Blossom Luck!"Activating your Peach Blossom is a tried and true antidote for “unwanted” singledom. It is a special remedy that Lillian Too’s nieces shared with me when I was studying feng shui in Malaysia. After telling them that I had been single for over four years and had not met a soul, they generously let me in on their family secret for finding true love, and after six months I met mine.

For those of you who want to give it a try but are skeptical (as I was), no worries. This works for anyone who goes into it with an open mind. Half of good feng shui is about surrounding yourself with positive energy, or chi. The other half is about positive thinking; when you are open to the possibilities, the world of quantum physics takes over and you have a very good chance of achieving anything you set out to do.

So how do you activate your Peach Blossom? First, you need to know your Chinese astrological sign. Click on the link below to figure out which of the 12 animal signs you are. If you were born in the months of January or February, make sure to double-check exactly what sign you are, because the Chinese New Year goes by the lunar calendar and starts sometime toward the end of January or beginning of February---not Jan. 1 like the solar calendar.

Next look in the chart below. Wherever you find your sign, you will use the activator designated next to it. For example: If you are born in the year of the Dragon you would get a rooster (any rooster that strikes your fancy). While standing in the middle of your room, find the west corner of your bedroom using a compass. Place the rooster there and have it face your bed. If there isn’t a place to put the rooster in the west, place it on the west corner of your nightstand.

Chinese Astrological Sign Peach Blossom Activator Placement in the Bedroom
Ox, Snake, Rooster Horse South
Rat, Dragon, Monkey Rooster West
Rabbit, Sheep, Boar Rat North
Tiger, Horse, Dog Rabbit East

Each time you look at your Peach Blossom activator, take a second or two to think about new love coming into your life and what that will feel like for you. With a good attitude and open mind, simply look forward getting to know new people. Good luck---and let me know what happens!

- E-mail your questions, comments and new-found love stories to [email protected].

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