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East County Thursday, Sep. 20, 2012 5 years ago

GOLF TIPS: Speed on the greens

by: Steve Whidden

Do you have trouble with speed while on the greens?

That is because your eyes are sending a faulty message to your arms and hands.

Try this drill:
1. Set up about 30 feet from the hole.

2. Go through your whole routine, as if you were playing on the golf course.

3. Set up to the putt.

4. Stroke the putt toward the hole, but do not look up. Wait a second and "call out" (perhaps to just yourself) what you think that putt did.

For example, after striking a putt the student may say "that putt is (to the) right of the hole and short"

What is now happening is that the student is starting to gain a feel for what a square clubface feels like and the proper inertia to hit it the proper speed.

Intentionally try to hit a putt 10 feet short, do not look up just feel it. Now look. Did it come up short? Now try 10 feet too far. Did it go too far?

You are not born with feel, but this drill will help you acquire a much greater sense of it.

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