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Sarasota Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019 7 months ago

First Presbyterian holds interfaith Thanksgiving service

First Presbyterian Church held its community Thanksgiving interfaith service on Nov. 17.
by: Whitney Elfstrom Staff Writer

Sarasota residents from across faiths joined together Nov. 17 at First Presbyterian Church for its community Thanksgiving interfaith service.

The church opened its doors to 17 Jewish, Muslim and Christian congregations to engage in a night filled with music, prayer and reflection.

After an opening processional, congregation leaders followed a child holding a lit candle while a dove kite was waved to represent peace.

 The audience watched the interfaith choir perform and heard 10 clergy members from their respective house of worship speak. 

Speakers shared a tradition from their own faiths to bridge the gap of knowledge among the congregations.

“It was a time to learn from other faith communities, honor them and celebrate the things that unify us,” said Pam Schweizer, First Presbyterian Church’s assistant to the pastors.

A reception followed the service, where members from each congregation were encouraged to mingle and talk with someone from a different faith.

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