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Black Tie Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018 2 years ago

Fashionista Donna Koffman shares her style tips, tricks and secrets

Take a peek inside Donna's "unique, whimsical, and a little edgy" closet.
by: Kayleigh Omang Contributor

When it comes to her fashion choices, from luncheons to dinner parties and galas, socialite Donna Koffman never disappoints.

We took a peek inside her closet to get the inside look on her fabulous fashion sense.

“Unique, whimsical and sometimes a little edgy,” Koffman says of her personal style.

Recently, we’ve seen Koffman in glamorous high-low dresses, long, glittery gowns and for the occasional edgy twist, a little black dress paired with fishnet tights and short booties.

“I like being different,” Koffman says. “I don’t like to look the same as everyone else. I like to be fun and be comfortable.”

This black blouse by Elliatt is what Donna considers one of her staple items.

For style inspiration, Koffman doesn’t have anyone she looks to emulate in making her choices. Instead, she trusts her own unique style, close girlfriends and her daughter and sons.

“I’ve been known to take pictures in the morning and text them to girlfriends I trust, that are going to the same event, and ask ‘A or B, these shoes or these shoes,’” Koffman says.

Her closet, shared with her husband, has tall shelves filled with racks of dresses, tops, and rows of shoes, featuring a mix of colors. Not one color stands out among the rest, although Koffman has been seen wearing a lot of black, blue and reds lately.

“I like red and black and color in general,” Koffman says. “If I’m packing I’ll just go all black because it’s easiest, but if I’m at home and have the time you’ll see me in a different color every day.”

Koffman says she uses Rent the Runway to switch things up for the various Black Tie fundraisers because it makes it easy to save money on new clothing and have a fresh outfit to wear for each event.

For accessories, she wears a combination of what’s in and what’s meaningful.

“I try to do a mix of classic and what’s trending at the time,” Koffman says. “I’ll buy into some of the trends, but I’ll also have those pieces that will stay forever. Pieces that my husband or friends have given me over the years that are very personal to me, I’ll try to mix that in.”

Bright colors and neatly lined up shoes take up Donna's half of the closet.

Lately, the personal touch is a Selah Freedom bracelet. Koffman says it’s fun to wear because it gives her an opportunity to share Selah’s mission. 

A philanthropist at heart, Koffman also recommends donating clothing.

“Don’t hold onto things too long,” Koffman says. “There are so many charities out there that could use the hand-me-downs or hand-me-ups, but also don’t be afraid to hold onto pieces that are your favorite because they will come back around.”

Fashion defines you, Koffman says, and she likes to have fun with her personal style.

Wedges are an essential piece to Sarasota's social scene, says Donna.

“It’s energizing to get dressed and to go somewhere and feel good about what you’re wearing,” Koffman says. “If I don’t, I will change immediately.”

Her best piece of fashion advice:

“Be yourself, don’t ascribe to everything that is in fashion,” Koffman says. “Don’t feel pressure to go out and buy everything that’s in style because it’s going to change in six months. Buy one or two pieces that you love and you think you’re going to be able to wear awhile. And just be comfortable in your own skin. If you’re going to walk out the door and not feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, it’s going to show.”

I’m Kayleigh, Black Tie reporter. My cats and I moved here from North Dakota and I earned degrees from Minnesota State Moorhead in photojournalism and entrepreneurship. You’ll find me covering all the big fundraisers in town. Reach me at 941-366-3468 ext. 330.

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