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Black Tie Friday, Aug. 24, 2018 3 years ago

Fashion Forward: First date faux pas

Going on a first date? Malibu Fox helped style me and gave inside tips on what to wear (and what not to).
by: Kayleigh Omang Contributor

Several months ago, first dates were my jam. But recently, they give me anxiety.

In April, I went on a first date with a guy I had briefly met the day before. I wore what I had on for work that day (problem No. 1) — a ruffled white skirt, bright pink tank top, plain black pumps, and I was using the same purse that I had been for the last couple weeks — a turquoise blue, gold-studded Coach bag.

He picked me up on the side of my townhome, got out of his car and opened the door for me like any gentleman would. We went to dinner, drinks and a movie. It was arguably the best first date I’ve ever had.

Fast-forward a few days, and I meet my neighbor. We make small talk — I tell her I recently moved here from North Dakota and am now the Black Tie reporter, giving the low-down on my new job. Turns out, she works at The Met, where a majority of the fashionista black tie eventgoers shop.

I head home after that and 20 minutes or so later I hear a knock on my door. It’s my neighbor and she has a pile of clothes in her arms. She says to me, “I saw you go on a date with that handsome man the other day and there were so many problems with your outfit, so let me help you.”

As I stand there shocked and (extremely) embarrassed, but also a little bit happy because some of the clothes were from The

Met, she explains what was wrong with my outfit and how these new clothes will help me.

From then on, I’ve been dreading first dates. I stand in front of my closet judging my clothes, wondering what the right outfit choice is. Something that used to never cross my mind as being a difficult decision has become one of the hardest I have to make.


So I set out to boutique Malibu Fox to get outfit ideas and advice from Owner Danielle Garrow and Brand Manager Gabriela Troche. Both say they frequently style their customers for different occasions, such as date nights.

The two fashionistas dressed me in three entirely different outfits, but all for the same first date — dinner and drinks at a middle-of-the-line downtown restaurant.

The first outfit is cute and preppy, but not so much that I felt too boring. I consider my style to be on the edgier side, so this was a perfect balance. The button-down denim top is comfortable and trendy, and one of those tops you can wear to both work and a night out. I actually purchased the top because I loved it so much. For a first date night, Garrow and Troche paired it with this leather skirt, strappy heels and fun earrings. This outfit is made up of pieces that work separately, and chances are you should already have these basics in your closet, so no need to run out for a new outfit.

The second isn’t my typical style, but it definitely works


for a first date. It’s a little fancier than the other choices, which makes it a great choice for a more upscale restaurant. One of the “do nots” both of my stylists agreed on was don’t show too much. This jumpsuit’s neckline perfectly walked that line between classy and revealing. We paired it with the same strappy heels and big earrings, so putting my hair back to show off the jewelry was a must.


The last outfit is very me and my style, however, I think it might be too sassy and edgy for a first date. Although, you can never go wrong with a little leopard print in my opinion, and these jeans were killer. Garrow and Troche said to wear a red lip with this outfit for a bold statement. I've been very into lipstick lately, so I love the idea of that added touch.

Overall, I feel a little better about dressing for a first date. I might even be a little excited about it for next time. What's your favorite outfit of the three? Head on over to our Instagram @BlackTie_Untied and let us know!

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I’m Kayleigh, Black Tie reporter. My cats and I moved here from North Dakota and I earned degrees from Minnesota State Moorhead in photojournalism and entrepreneurship. You’ll find me covering all the big fundraisers in town. Reach me at 941-366-3468 ext. 330.

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