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East County Monday, Jan. 10, 2022 1 week ago

East County Athlete of the Week: Logan Wright

The Lakewood Ranch wrestler talks being recruited to the team and his love of dinosaurs
by: Ryan Kohn Sports Editor

Logan Wright is a junior wrestler at Lakewood Ranch High. Wright is 11-2 on the season and went 3-0 at the Mustangs' Florida High School Athletic Association Class 3A District 7 duals meet, held Jan. 8 at Manatee High. The Mustangs finished second as a team to Manatee, 36-33. 

When did you start wrestling?

I started wrestling my freshman year. Coach (Pat) Ancil was my substitute teacher and he recruited me to the team. I had never played sports before then but something about his pitch convinced me to try it. I liked that he wanted me to be there. I was nervous at my first practice. I had anxiety. Afterward, it was like my whole world opened up. 

What is the appeal of wrestling to you?

We're all a family. Every time we go to the mat we are putting our all into it. Even though the matches are individual, it's like we're working together. I think that is what motivates me. It gives me a rush. 

What is your best skill?

My best skill is my ability to take a beating. No matter how big my opponent is, no matter how skilled he is, I am always able to hold my own. I will let him crank on my arm or crank on my hand and I'll keep pushing. He can't move me. I won't ever stop. 

What have you been working to improve?

I have been working on my shots. I am trying to diversify my moves and become the best wrestler I can be. 

What is your favorite memory?

My favorite memory is my first ever event. It was at Palmetto High. I had two matches that day. When I went to the table to check in, my heart was pounding. I stepped onto the mat for my first match and I immediately grabbed the kid and did a hip toss. I got a pin in less than 40 seconds I think. That's still my favorite because I got up and looked at everyone's faces and they were astonished at what I just did. 

What are your goals?

I want to be Lakewood Ranch's first-ever state champion wrestler. That is my only goal. 

What is your favorite food?

I love chicken wings. Buffalo sauce, hot sauce, anything spicy is good. 

What is your favorite movie?

My favorite movie is "Jurassic Park III."  I'm a big dinosaur person. I have always been interested in how the meteor wiped them out and how they evolved and all that. 

What is your favorite subject?

Math is my favorite subject but I also love weightlifting. 

Which superpower would you pick?

I would pick shapeshifting. I could be whoever I wanted to be on any day. 

What is the best advice you have received?

Coach Ancil always says it before a match: "Just have fun." That is what it is all about. 

Finish this sentence: "Logan Wright is …"

… Aggressive. That's why I am a good wrestler. 

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