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The property is covered in trees and wetlands and has access to the Braden River.
East County Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016 2 years ago

Developer scraps 32-home Manatee County project

According to developer Pat Neal, the required approvals would take too much time to secure.
by: Pam Eubanks Senior Editor

Developer Pat Neal, of Neal Communities, today said he would not pursue development of a 32-acre parcel at the end of Clubhouse Drive.

The project, is known as Myara, was slated for about 32 acres along Braden River in Manatee County.

At the Manatee County Planning Commission meeting Oct. 13, county staff said they opposed the project because it eliminated a proposed future roadway — the extension of Clubhouse Drive west to Linger Lodge Road. Taking the road out would require a change to the county’s comprehensive plan, a longterm planning document.

While planning commissars supported the development plans, they ultimately agreed with staff in a 6-1 vote.

“I find the project to be compatible related to the density issue,” Planning Commissioner Paul Rutledge said during the Oct. 13 meeting. “The elephant in the room is going back since 1989 this roadway has been shown in the Comprehensive Plan to be a connection. To say we want to forget about that or we want to change ... that hasn’t happened.”

“We do not have time now and we never had time under our contract for purchase and sale to proceed with a Comprehensive Plan change, transmittal to the state, adoption and then the zoning process required by Manatee County,” Neal said in a statement today.

Neal said he hopes the property owner, Albert Myara, can “accomplish his goals for the property” or negotiate with neighbors to preserve the land.

Myara could not be reached immediately.

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