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Arts and Entertainment Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2012 10 years ago

The Dating Duo Does Blu Que Island Grill

by: Dating Duo

The last time we saw The Dating Duo they were on their way from the James Turrell Skyspace at the Ringling Museum to Blu Que Island Grill on Siesta Key in search of a pleasant atmosphere and pretty colors.  

When the Dating Duo arrive at Blu Que it is raining. But have no fear, Blu Que has valet parking and the wrap-around deck is dry; live music is playing, the tabletops are changing between shades of blue and green and beautifully-presented food and drinks are arriving at the tables already full for Friday night. The Dating Duo get comfy in the booth, Him with a rum and coke and Her with a Lemon Drop Martini.

Him: These booths are huge! I like not being on top of the party in the next booth over. Not because I have anything against the eight people sitting comfortably in the booth, but it's just nice to have space when on a date. Space is good for talking. And making out.

Her: Yeah. And the giant booths are great for making out.

Here, dear readers, you have a choice. If you will like the Dating Duo better believing that they are floozies, insert a hot make-out scene here. (The Blu Que booths really feel spacious and private; go crazy with it.) If you don't like fictional floozies, insert a grumble about today's youth here. It's your choice; we don't like to interfere in matters of morals, especially in an election year.

As the band plays and the tables change colors, the food is served.

Him: There's something different about my mashed potatoes. Is it horseradish, or---oh! Eureka! It's wasabi! There's wasabi in my mashed potatoes and it's delicious!

Her: My brisket is so tender after smoking for 18 hours and my coleslaw has bleu cheese in it! Say what! I wonder if I can get a few pounds of coleslaw to go?

Readers, I would like to point out that while the Duo's exuberance over unique side dishes is adorable---not to mention a little distracting from the main event, namely the slow-roasted beef brisket and perfectly cooked sesame seared tuna---I would like also like to take this opportunity to point out that Blu Que has many gluten-free menu options as well as award-winning wings, ribs, and mac and cheese. And the steak is rumored to rival Fleming’s.  

Her: I'm ready for another drink; what's this Fruitloop Martini?

Almost out of thin air, Dimitri the waiter appears with a Fruitloop Martini. The service is that good.

Her: This Martini tastes just like Fruit Loops, but with a quick adult-like bite at the end!

Him: And its vibrant color fits our theme for the night.

In fact, The Blu Que has been everything the Dating Duo had hoped for. The environment is colorful, yet the lighting romantic. The live music isgreat, yet not so loud as to impede conversation. The food is cooked to perfection and the service attentive and prompt. The Duo is super full but make a promise to each other to come back soon: they've heard that the Key Lime Cloud Dessert (Key Lime custard and cream with macaroons) is to die for! And with the best happy hour in town there's no reason not to stop by for half-off all drinks, including any flavor of Pinnacle vodka you could ever want. Blu Que has them all.- Where will the Dating Duo go next? After those Martinis they might be catching a lift in a Sun Ride Pedicab. Stay up-to-date and make suggestions through the Dating Duo Facebook page.

- For more information on Blu Que Island Grill, or to make a reservation, visit their website: or call (941) 346-0738.

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