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East County Wednesday, May 23, 2018 2 years ago

Cox Chevrolet considers East County lot

Residents of GreyHawk Landing show concern over a posslbe car lot coming near their neighborhood.
by: Amelia Hanks Community Reporter

Cox Chevrolet, a fifth-generation, family-owned car dealership with roots in west Bradenton, is considering a new dealership on a parcel located at the northwest intersection of State Road 64 and 117th Street East.

The company’s CEO, Kris Cox, has submitted a request to the Army Corps of Engineers to reroute a creek that runs through the property. The Corps is a federal agency that helps with infrastructure and environmental sustainability.

“It’s too early in the process to say if we’re purchasing the property or not,” Cox said. “We’re always looking for expansion, and this property may or may not work out. We’re letting the Army Corps of Engineers look at it.”.

GreyHawk Landing homeowners, meanwhile, say they are worried a car lot would increase traffic.

Lindsay Rushmore, a resident of GreyHawk Landing who lives adjacent to the considered car lot, said she is organizing residents to combat the possibility of a car dealership coming to the location.

Besides traffic, Rushmore said she is concerned a rerouted creek might increase the possibility of flooding as well as having lights from the lot shining on her home.

The 17-acre parcel is zoned for agriculture.

A letter was sent by the Army Corps of Engineers to local homeowners advising them the creek might have to be rerouted to accommodate business at that particular lot.

GreyHawk Landing resident Kristina Courtenay said she doesn’t want a car lot at the site, either.

“Do you know of any good neighborhoods that have a car dealership right in the middle of it?” Courtenay asked. “We purchased our house because it feels like we’re living in the country. It’s not going to feel like that with a huge car dealership right there.”

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