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Longboat Key Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2012 5 years ago

Cops Corner: Longboat Key


July 27
Didn’t make the cut
1:19 p.m. — 5100 block of GMD.
A man called police because he fired his lawn service company and was having difficulty with the owner, who felt that the full contracted amount on the account was due. The man said that contracted work wasn’t getting done and that he had to hire another service to work on his lawn. Police stood by, as the parties reached an agreement.

The naked truth
5:36 p.m. — 6300 block of GMD. A caller reported that a Jet Skier was possibly nude. Police found two Jet Ski riders nearby who were, in fact, clothed. Dispatch told police that the caller only thought that the Jet Skier was nude and also said that the riders almost struck his daughter.

Lighting up
9:13 p.m. — 3300 block of Sabal Cove Lane. Suspicious Circumstance. A woman reported that the lights in her neighbor’s home had been on for the past few nights and worried that someone was staying there illegally because the homeowners are gone for the summer. Police found that the lights were only landscaping lights outside the residence.

July 30
Cryptic caller
9:29 p.m. — 500 block of Sanctuary Drive.
Abandoned 911 Call. A security guard informed police that the unit from which an abandoned 911 call came, is currently vacant. Police found three telephones in the unit, one of which didn’t have a dial tone, but were unable to determine if the malfunctioning phone was the source of the call.

Sound suspicious?
8:31 p.m. — 1200 block of GMD. Suspicious Person. A condominium guard reported a suspicious man in the area who was wearing a light-colored shirt and khaki shorts, carrying a backpack and had a French accent. The man was suspicious because he was asking about possible rental units in the area. Police located the man, who said that he just started a new job as a pastry baker at a nearby shop, and found information about available rentals on the Key through Craigslist.

July 31
Movers and breakers
1:49 p.m. — 2100 block of GMD.
Property Damage. A moving company employee reported that unknown persons ran over a glass cocktail tabletop that his company was moving. The company will replace the $600 tabletop.

Aug. 1
Off the hook … for now
12:29 a.m. — Longboat Pass Bridge.
Traffic Violation. A bridge tender reported that three people, who had been repeatedly told not to fish in a no-fishing area, were once again fishing in the no-fish area. Police found the group standing in the no-fishing area. They were carrying rods and reels but weren’t fishing. Police warned a group that if they were seen fishing in the area they would receive a citation.

Late night swim
3:04 a.m. — 4000 block of GMD. Code Enforcement. Police spotted a vehicle parked near a beach access and found three people in the nearby waters. Police told them about the town’s beach hours.

Beach battery
4:54 a.m. — 5200 block of GMD. Battery. A man reportedly began pushing his female friend on the beach and then got on top of her and began punching her in the head and face. The woman got away and called police. When police arrived, they found a man holding a female face down who was yelling, “Get off of me.” The man was arrested on battery charges.

Gum dropper
11:03 a.m. — 4000 block of GMD. Property Found. A man found a half set of dentures on the beach.

Aug. 2
Double whammy
8:18 a.m. — 1600 block of GMD.
Trespassing. Police found a vehicle parked on the beach near a vacant resort. Police told the owner that he was both in violation of town ordinance and trespassing on private property. The man received a written warning and left the area.

This isn’t a meat market
1:32 p.m. — Gulf of Mexico Drive and Reclinata Drive. Soliciting. Police responded to a report of soliciting and found two men selling meat products for a St. Petersburg-based company. The men were unaware of the town’s soliciting ordinance.

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