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Cops Corner
Longboat Key Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013 4 years ago

Cops Corner


Oct. 4
Still suspended
1:26 a.m. — 2700 block of GMD.
L3 Camera. A man told police he had spoken with a judge the previous day and thought he had taken care of his suspended driver’s license. He said they were driving through Longboat to swim at his female passenger’s house but couldn’t say for sure where the friend lives. The driver received a citation and called a taxi.

Talking while driving
9:40 p.m. — 1900 block of GMD
. Traffic Violation. The driver of a car that was traveling between 25 and 30 mph on Gulf of Mexico Drive said he was driving slowly because he was talking to his passenger. Police found his license had been suspended since March 2011 and issued him a citation.

Oct. 5
Business is hopping
5:55 a.m. — 500 block of Bay Isles Road.
Suspicious Circumstance. A caller reported a suspicious truck near the post office. The two men inside said they had delivered kangaroo meat to an island restaurant and were preparing to mail the rest to another location.

You gotta go
9:57 a.m. — 4000 block of GMD
. Disturbance. A couple didn’t realize a bathroom at Bayfront Park was occupied, which angered a man whose wife was inside. He told them that they must be from Europe, but in this country, it’s common courtesy to knock before entering. The man admitted to pointing a spray bottle filled with vinegar at the woman because the couple blocked his car in with their motorcycles. Police gave him a trespass warning.

Customer’s call
5:34 p.m. — 500 block of Bay Isles Road
. Suspicious Circumstance. A grocery store employee called police about a suspicious man near a bank ATM, after a customer asked him to make the call.

Party’s over
10:50 p.m. — 3100 block of Harbourside Drive
. Noise. A caller reported loud noises at a resort dining room. The chef said a corporate party had just ended.

Oct. 6
Get a life vest
12:49 p.m. — Off the Key
. Boat Violation. A man became agitated and began throwing things in his console area after police stopped his boat because his 4-year-old daughter wasn’t wearing a life vest. He received a citation.

That’s private property
4:03 p.m. — 7000 block of Sea Breeze Ave. N.
Suspicious Circumstance. Police asked a man and woman if they had permission from the homeowner to be parked at their home and fishing from the nearby beach. They didn’t. Police warned them that trespassing on private property could result in arrest.

He gets a pass
5:13 p.m. — Intersection of Gulf of Mexico Drive and Hornblower Lane
. Public Service. A motorcyclist reported that the driver of a black SUV cut him off in traffic. The driver said the motorcyclist was traveling more than 10 mph under the speed limit and he passed him in a passing zone. The motorcyclist followed him and began yelling and cursing.

Oct. 8
In a jam
12:29 p.m. — 800 block of Tarawitt Drive
. Disturbance. A woman saw a man shoot at a seabird with a nail gun. The bird fell into the water and swam away but the woman didn’t know if it was actually hit. The man said he was trying to clear a jam in the nail gun when he saw the bird fall into the water. Police warned him to be more careful and couldn’t confirm his actions were criminal.


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