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East County Monday, Nov. 14, 2016 3 years ago

Cops Corner: 11.17.2016

Enjoy this week’s edition of Cops Corner!
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor
Oct. 31

2900 block of 53rd Avenue East, Bradenton

Shoplifting: The Sheriff's Office was contacted by a retail store's theft prevention department after a woman was observed concealing a package of lighters underneath her purse. The woman checked out without paying for the lighters. She exited the store and was stopped by loss prevention personnel. Deputies apprehended the woman. The value of the lighters was $4.97.

OCT. 31


7300 block of 52nd Place East, Bradenton

Shoplifting: A loss prevention officer at a department store contacted the Sheriff's Office because a male had been observed stealing items for the third time in a week. On the first occasion, he entered the store and removed approximately $350 in clothing without paying for it. Five days later he removed an unknown amount of clothing without paying for it. Two days later, he removed another $85 in clothing without paying for it. He was seen driving away in a Honda Civic with an unknown tag. The man was described as thin, approximately 5-foot-10 and approximately 25 to 30 years old. The store was unable to make copies of its surveillance tape. The store was issued a case number.

Nov. 9


Corner of Braden Run and State Road 70, Bradenton

Information only: A Sheriff's Office deputy came upon a disabled vehicle and began to investigate. Since the vehicle was a traffic hazard, blocking a turn lane, the deputy called for a tow. The deputy began to search the abandoned vehicle to document the property inside along with any visible damage, but when he lifted the driver's side door handle in an attempt to open the door, it broke off. The rest of the car also was in poor condition. Before the tow truck came to the scene, another tow truck arrived, so obviously the owner still wanted the vehicle. The deputy cancelled the other wrecker.

Nov. 8


1012 57th Street East, Bradenton

Information only: While campaigning outside a church, a candidate was greeting the public. The candidate called the Sheriff's Office because he felt threatened by a man standing directly behind him, waving a sign in opposition to his candidacy. When deputies arrived, the candidate said he felt threatened. The deputies explained the man holding the sign wasn't doing anything wrong by exercising his freedom of speech, but they asked the man to keep some distance from the candidate since he felt threatened. The man said he wasn't doing anything wrong, but did keep his distance. Deputies stayed in the parking lot and noticed the man was keeping his distance while while holding his sign.




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