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George Glance, president of KB Home’s Central Florida operations, met with Association-selected contractors Sept. 20, in the Willowbrook community.
East County Wednesday, Sep. 26, 2012 5 years ago

Contractor selected for Willowbrook repairs

by: Pam Eubanks Senior Editor

The Willowbrook Condominium Association is moving forward with temporary repairs to defective balconies in the community and is working on repair plans for more extensive water intrusion-related and other permanent repairs, as well.

Sal Ventimiglia, owner of DueAll Construction, said his company has been selected to complete repairs. He and Association-selected engineers were on-site Sept. 20 to discuss work. George Glance, president of KB Home’s Central Florida operations, was also on-site to meet with contractors.

“All that’s left now is to go to work,” Glance said. “We’re starting work; we’re going to stand behind our product. I’m excited to be here. We have a lot of momentum. I’m proud of KB.”

Glance said KB and the Association have agreed on methodology for moving forward with temporary deck repairs, and contractors will begin evaluating buildings for water intrusion and other construction-related issues. Four buildings located on Spruce Hills Court are the first that will be repaired.

A letter sent to Willowbrook homeowners Sept. 5 from the Willowbrook Condominium Association Board stated “all work will be done by a licensed contractor chosen by the Association; all work will be supervised by the Association’s engineers and inspected by the Manatee County Building Department.” Additionally, exterior work will include water intrusion at the windows and related repairs, as well as the painting and sealing of buildings, at KB’s expense. Interior work, unrelated to water intrusion, will be handled between the individual homeowner and KB, the letter stated.

An undated paper was recently pinned to the community’s poolside bulletin board, stating repairs would not be made by KB vendors and that Association engineers “continue to work on the final protocol for permanent (water intrusion and other construction-related) repairs and should have it ready within the next 10 days for the building department to approve for permits.”

Ventimiglia said no timeline for repairs has been established, because work will largely depend on permitting.

Glance also said some “universal” repair items for all buildings have been identified, but each individual building will be reviewed for unique problems.

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Residents of Willowbrook have continued their efforts to reach out to other KB Home communities that may be experiencing similar construction-related issues.

Residents met with a third community — Wedgewood, in Valrico — Sept. 22.

Homeowners already had met with residents in Waterford Estates, in Clearwater, and Palm River, in Tampa.

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