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East County Wednesday, Jun. 6, 2012 5 years ago

Community responds to editor's leaving


Just wanted to wish you and your wife the best. It has been a true pleasure and honor to work with you. You have been nothing but professional when working with me throughout the years.

My best to you!
Carol Whitmore,
Manatee County commissioner

Hi Mike ... Can’t tell you how sad I was to hear about your leaving. I think the world of you and your family and only wish you the very best life can offer. Best of luck with your new adventures. What a loss for our community but a gain for Plant City. Keep in touch, Mike.
Nancy Novak

Hi Mike,
This is a wonderful opportunity for you and your family and I wish you all the best. So much has happened and Manatee County has been a great place to raise a family and grow a business! You are right where you are supposed to be and about to begin a new chapter that will bring new challenges and opportunities!

May you continue to care for and about what you do and balance that with the most important thing ... caring and enjoying your family!

I wish you good health and happiness and may you find another Annie in Plant City who will watch out for you! We will have to meet at the Strawberry Festival! :-)

God speed, and it has been a pleasure knowing and working with you.
Julie Aranibar

We will miss you and wish you and your family all the best!
Renee (Martone-Cecil) and Steven

I appreciated your kind note … am hoping you will come back to team up for the April Fool’s’ edition!!!
Rex Jensen

I’m delighted for you to have this career opportunity but sad for us at BRE. You have been so supportive of BRE, and we truly appreciate all you have done for us. Please stop by and see us any time you are in the area!

Best wishes and thanks for everything,
Kathy Keebler and the students, parents and staff of BRE

Oh my goodness!!! 
Well, we will really miss you but I guess “good luck” is in order. I am sure you will do a great job at the new paper. Don’t forget us little people J.
Eva M. Rey, executive director Lakewood Ranch Town Hall

When I was reading your editorial, it struck me that we both started the same time here in Lakewood Ranch. I have always appreciated your support of our endeavors.

I’m glad to hear that your house is under contract and I wish the best for you and your family. I’m sure this will be a great step for both you and Jess. It will only be a matter of time before you will be loved and supported by the Plant City community!

I’m glad to hear that Pam will be taking over your position. She is awesome, but does have big shoes to fill!
Thanks for your friendship and support over the years. We will keep in touch!
Break a leg!
Roxane Caravan

The first time I met you, you attended a meeting at Woodland Baptist Church, where a group of moms from Braden River Elementary School had a dream about offering an after-school enrichment program to their students.

You were a young, skinny, recent college graduate — with a ponytail. Perfect! You so kindly helped us with our Newspaper Club.

My son, who was at BRE at the time, is now a senior at UCF. Time has flown; now it’s time for you to fly. Best of luck to you and your family. Thanks for being such a great mentor to our young residents.
Donna Puhalovich
Career Counselor EMS/Fire Science Programs
Manatee Technical Institute - East Campus

Brad Buchmueller: I have no doubt you’ll make a difference in Plant City. Good luck to you and Jess.
Rebekah Doughty: Wonderful parting words, Mike! Congratulations to you and Jess. I absolutely know you will be a success!
Ann M. Scharnhorst: Congrats!! Glad that I got to be part of the legacy. :)
Courtney Prentis Berg: Such courage, Mike! Best to you all on this new adventure — awesome!
Connie Salyers: Wishes you the very best, but what a huge, huge loss for us!
Mischa Kirby: You’ll do wonderful, Mike. I’m so proud of you and happy for you.
Rob Gorley: Mike, best wishes for your continued success. Take care of that beautiful family and thank you for all your coverage of our music and BRE. Take care.
Rick Carl: Hey Mike, after many years of looking forward to receiving the weekly issue of The Observer and reading it from front to back, I recently had the opportunity to say hi and to speak news and drums with you. Being a true fan of both The Observer and your former band, it was great to finally meet you. I hope The Observer will stay on the same track philosophically. I really wish you and your family all the best. You will be missed!
Maryann Grgic: Really great article. You will be missed! Best of luck to you!!!!
Bob James: I sure hope we stay in touch and you still come on down to cornerstone. Love ya man!!!

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